Working together to help your business succeed. 

Let us be the trusted advisor to help you tackle the variety of challenges and opportunities your business will face. We have over 20 years of experience growing businesses in the B2B payment technology sector. In parallel, we have 20 years of experience structuring transactions and related M&A activities. Our services range from ideation and start-up planning, scaling and growing businesses all the way through the business cycle, to funding and exit strategy.

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Meet Noah and Scott,

Our partnership and friendship began the first day of football practices at Ohio Wesleyan University and has continued throughout our professional careers. Known for our positive attitudes and confident determination, we've remained good friends (and trusted advisors) as we pursued different professional passions - Noah into corporate and transactional law and Scott into management consulting and B2B payments entrepreneurship. 

30 years later and our friendship has come full circle as we unite again and team-up to take on a slightly different opponent than the one we faced on the gridiron. With our combined experience we have evolved into coaches to help B2B fintechs and providers succeed. Our approach combines Noah's legal, corporate and transactional expertise and Scott's experiences launching and managing several successful B2B fintechs.  Together we create a powerful team uniquely positioned to advise and counsel entrepreneurs in the B2B payments industry as they work to execute on the critical phases of successful business growth.


Our Promise to You

The triple bottom line that guides our decisions.

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We take responsibility for helping the leaders of tomorrow by investing in mentorship today. This is the key to our successful partnerships, as our passion to help entrepreneurs grow professionally and personally fuels the growth of their businesses.  We believe in growing relationships first.  

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What is keeping your company from becoming great, instead of just good enough? We take pride in the dynamic and supportive culture at SilverStream Advisors to embrace challenges while maintaining profitability.

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social impact

Creating a standard to care about the world around you means nurturing a collective culture to stand for others. We shift the focus of our social impact depending on where the needs in our community lay.

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