M&A Advisory/Payment Consulting

SilverStream Advisors in Maryland

SilverStream Advisors serve as both advisors and consultants for companies looking to execute on any number of corporate strategic transactions and initiatives. SilverStream draws on experience valuing, buying and selling businesses to develop strategies and growth initiatives designed to position companies to attain the highest possible transaction value. Typical engagements begin with a review of our clients’ business objective, growth strategies and related product and partnership approaches. Engagements often culminate in the classic auction process for the sale of a business entity or assets. SilverStream Advisors also provide strategic guidance and counsel to buyers participating in such auctions. As well, we advise clients on the purchase side and sale side of direct negotiated transactions. Other strategic transactions may include raising debt or equity to fund existing business, fuel organic growth and/or growth through acquisitions.

All of these events can be viewed as potential exit strategies for business owners. We view exit planning as a critical part of our services. We engage directly with our clients to identify exit goals. We then work with each of our clients to achieve the revenue, profitability, growth rate or related metrics that are needed to realize those exit goals. Our team has decades of experience advising companies in exactly these types of transactions.